Phoenix Park Act, 1925

Park to be maintained as a public park.

3.—(1) The Commissioners shall maintain the Park as a public park for the general purpose of the recreation and enjoyment of the public, and may maintain particular portions of the Park for any special purposes for which the same or other portions of the Park have heretofore been used, or such like purposes as the Minister shall sanction.

(2) The Commissioners may from time to time make such alterations and improvements in the arrangement, laying out, planting, draining, and fencing of the Park as they think proper for all or any of the purposes aforesaid, and in particular may from time to time make, open, and maintain such new roads and paths in the Park, and from time to time close and break-up such then existing roads and paths in the Park, as they think proper.

(3) The Commissioners may with the consent of the Minister at any time erect such gate-lodges, porters' lodges, workshops, store-houses, and other buildings as shall appear to the Commissioners to be necessary or convenient for the maintenance of the Park for the purposes aforesaid.