Finance Act, 1925

Reduced customs duties on sugar.

26.—(1) In lieu of the present customs duties, drawbacks, and allowance in respect of sugar, molasses, glucose, and saccharin there shall be charged, levied, and paid as on and from the 6th day of May, 1925, the duties specified in the second column of Part I. of the First Schedule to this Act, and there shall be paid and allowed the drawbacks and allowance set out in Part II of the said Schedule, but subject both as respects duties and as respects drawbacks and allowance to the provisions, so far as they are applicable, set out in Part III. of the said Schedule.

(2) The provisions of section 8 of the Finance Act, 1919 , shall not apply to the duties imposed by this section, and the Second Schedule to that Act shall as on and from the 6th day of May, 1925, have effect as if the words “sugar,” “glucose,” “molasses” and “saccharin” were omitted therefrom.