Shannon Electricity Act, 1925

Disposal of surplus lands, etc.

12.—Whenever any lands, premises, or other property real or personal, acquired or purchased by the Minister under this Act or any works constructed by or for the Minister or under any arrangement made with the Minister under this Act—

(a) were so acquired, purchased, or constructed for the purpose of the execution of works authorised by this Act and, in the opinion of the Minister, have ceased to be required for that purpose and will not be required for the purposes of the undertaking when completed, or

(b) have for any other reason become, in the opinion of the Minister, surplus to and unnecessary for the undertaking,

the Minister may sell, lease, or otherwise dispose of such lands, premises, property, or works for the benefit of the Exchequer in such manner and upon such terms as the Minister with the approval of the Minister for Finance shall think proper.