Censorship of Films (Amendment) Act, 1925

Prohibition of certain advertisements.

3.—(1) Every application to the Official Censor for a certificate under the Principal Act shall be accompanied by a copy of the exploitation sheet relating to the picture in respect of which the application is made.

(2) Whenever the Official Censor is of opinion that any pictorial poster, card, handbill, or other pictorial advertisement mentioned in any such exploitation sheet as aforesaid is unfit for display in public by reason of its being indecent, obscene, or blasphemous, or because the display thereof in public would convey suggestions contrary to public morality or would be otherwise subversive of public morality, he shall prohibit the display in public of such pictorial advertisement and shall record such prohibition in the prescribed manner.

(3) Section 8 (which relates to appeals from the Official Censor to the Appeal Board) of the Principal Act shall apply to prohibitions by the Official Censor under this section of the display in public of a pictorial advertisement in like manner in all respects as it applies to the decisions of the official censor mentioned in that section, and every mention or reference contained in the Principal Act of or to appeals to the Appeal Board shall be construed and take effect as including appeals under the said section 8 as applied by this sub-section.