Local Authorities (Combined Purchasing) Act, 1925

Appointment of official contractors.

3.—(1) The Minister may as and when and in such manner as he thinks proper give public notice that he will within a specified time receive applications from persons desirous of being appointed to be official contractors under this Act for a specified period for the supply of one or more specified commodities to local authorities in Saorstát Eireann or any specified part thereof.

(2) Every application for appointment as an official contractor shall be made in writing in the prescribed form and shall contain the prescribed particulars, including a statement of the price at which the applicant is willing to supply to local authorities the commodity to which the application relates and a statement that the applicant is willing to conform to the standard of quality and the conditions of supply prescribed in relation to such commodity by regulations made under this Act.

(3) At the expiration of the time specified in the public notice aforesaid the Minister shall consider all applications received by him in pursuance of such notice and may appoint any person who so applied to be an official contractor during the period and for the area specified in the public notice aforesaid for any commodity in respect of which such person so applied at the price named in his application.

(4) More than one official contractor may be appointed under this section in respect of any particular commodity and any person appointed under this section to be an official contractor may be so appointed in respect of more than one commodity.

(5) Every appointment of an official contractor under this section shall be notified by the Minister to the person appointed and notice of the appointment shall also be published by the Minister in such manner as he thinks proper.