Firearms Act, 1925

Search orders.

24.—(1) If any superintendent of the Gárda Síochána is of opinion that there is reasonable ground for supposing that an offence under this Act has been, is being, or is about to be committed, he may issue an order in writing (in this Act called a search order) to any one or more members of the Gárda Síochána under his command and named therein to search any place or premises named in such order.

(2) A search order issued under this section shall authorise the member of the Gárda Síochána named therein to enter the place or premises to which the order relates at any time within twenty-four hours after the issuing of such search order, and if need be by force, and to inspect the place or premises so entered, and to take the names and addresses of any persons found therein, and if the premises are premises of a firearms dealer, to seize any books and papers relating to the business of such firearms dealer.

(3) Any member of the Gárda Síochána making a search under a search order may arrest without warrant any person found in the place or on the premises to which the order relates whom he has reason to believe to be guilty of an offence under this Act.