Prisons (Visiting Committees) Act, 1925

A visiting committee to be constituted for every prison.

2.—(1) There shall be constituted in manner provided by this section a visiting committee for every general prison, every convict prison, and every prison or part of a prison set apart for the confinement of persons undergoing preventive detention, and every such visiting committee shall consist of such number of responsible persons, not being more than twelve nor less than six, as the Minister shall think proper.

(2) The members of every such visiting committee as aforesaid shall be appointed by the Minister and every member so appointed shall hold office as such member for such period not exceeding three years as the Minister shall think proper and shall specify when appointing him.

(3) No person other than a member of Dáil Eireann or of Seanad Eireann who is in receipt of salary paid out of the Central Fund or money provided by the Oireachtas shall be eligible for appointment as a member of any such visiting committee as aforesaid.

(4) Every such visiting committee as aforesaid appointed for any prison in which female prisoners may be confined shall include amongst its members at least two women.