Intoxicating Liquor (General) Act, 1924

Supply of excisable liquors in registered clubs on special occasions.

21.—(1) A Justice of the District Court may on the application of the secretary of a registered club authorise such club, notwithstanding the provisions contained in its rules pursuant to this Part of this Act, to supply excisable liquors to members of the club during any one period, specified in the authorization and; not exceeding six hours in duration, during which such supply of excisable liquors would be prohibited by the rules of the club.

(2) The supply of excisable liquors in a registered club to members of the club during any period covered by an authorization under this section shall be lawful and shall not be deemed to be a breach of the rules of the club.

(3) Not more than twelve authorizations shall be granted under this section to any one club in any year.