Intoxicating Liquor (General) Act, 1924

Forfeiture of licences on which three convictions are recorded.

18.—(1) Where the holder of a licence of any description for the sale of intoxicating liquor by retail (whether for consumption on or off the premises) on which two convictions are recorded is convicted of an offence the conviction for which is required by this or any other Act to be recorded, or is lawfully ordered by the court to be recorded, on the licence of the person convicted thereof, such licence shall thereupon be forfeited.

(2) Any person whose licence is forfeited under this section may within one month after such forfeiture apply in manner to be prescribed by rules of court, to the High Court for a remission of such forfeiture.

(3) If the High Court is satisfied, on the hearing of an application under the foregoing sub-section, that having regard to—

(a) the nature and circumstances of the offences the convictions for which are recorded on the applicant's licence, and

(b) the general character of the applicant and his fitness to hold a licence,

it is just that the forfeiture of the applicant's licence should be remitted, the court shall strike off the said licence the record of such one of the convictions recorded thereon as the court shall think fit.

(4) An order of the High Court under the foregoing sub-section striking off the record of a conviction on a licence shall operate to cancel the forfeiture of such licence under this section as from the date of the conviction the recording of which occasioned the forfeiture.