Public Holidays Act, 1924

Executive Council may change dates of bank holidays in special cases.

2.—It shall be lawful for the Executive Council by proclamation from time to time whenever it shall appear to them in any special case that in any year it is inexpedient that a day appointed as a bank holiday by the Bank Holidays Act, 1871, or the Bank Holiday (Ireland) Act, 1903, or as a holiday by the Holidays Extension Act, 1875, should be such bank holiday or holiday, to declare that such day shall not in such year be a bank holiday or holiday for the purposes of those Acts respectively and to appoint such other day as to the Executive Council may seem fit to be a bank holiday and public holiday for the purposes of the said Acts or any of them instead of such day, and thereupon the day so appointed shall in such year be substituted for the day so appointed by the said Acts or such of them as shall be specified in the proclamation.