Civil Service Regulation Act, 1924

The Commissioners to give certificates of qualification.

3.—(1) The Commissioners shall inquire into the qualifications of every person proposed to be appointed to any permanent situation in the Civil Service of the Government of Saorstát Eireann to which this Act applies, and no person shall be so appointed unless and until a certificate of his qualification for such situation has been issued by the Commissioners.

(2) Every certificate of qualification issued by the Commissioners shall, save as is otherwise provided by this Act, declare that the person to whom such certificate relates has satisfied the Commissioners that—

(a) he is within the limits of age (if any) prescribed for the situation to which it is proposed to appoint him; and

(b) he is free from any physical defect or disease which would be likely to interfere with the proper discharge of his duties in that situation; and

(c) his character is such as to qualify him for such situation; and

(d) he possesses the requisite knowledge and ability to enter on the discharge of his duties in that situation.

(3) It shall not be necessary for any person in respect of whom a certificate of qualification shall have been issued by the Commissioners to obtain a new certificate of qualification on being appointed either by transfer or promotion to a situation which, in the opinion of the Commissioners, is similar to the situation in respect of which such certificate shall have already been issued or may properly be filled in customary course of promotion from the class or grade of situation in respect of which such certificate shall have already been issued.