Military Service Pensions Act, 1924

Prohibition of double pensions.

8.—(1) If any person to whom a military service pension is payable under this Act shall at any time during the continuance of such pension be in receipt of any remuneration, pension, or allowance payable out of public moneys, whether provided by the Oireachtas or out of the Central Fund or by means of the poor rate or any other rate imposed by a local authority, the military service pension payable to such person under this Act shall be suspended to an extent calculated according to the provisions contained in the Third Schedule to this Act while he is in receipt of such remuneration, pension, or allowance as aforesaid.

(2) A person shall not be entitled to reckon the same period of time both for the purpose of a military service pension under this Act and also for the purpose of a superannuation allowance under the Superannuation Acts, 1834 to 1923, but any such person may if he so desires surrender his military service pension under this Act and reckon for the purpose of such superannuation allowance and in the manner specified in the First Schedule to this Act any period of time which but for this section he could have reckoned for both the purposes aforesaid.