Drainage Maintenance Act, 1924

Collection of drainage maintenance rates, etc., by county councils.

9.—(1) This section applies to every sum which is or shall hereafter be collectable, whether by way of drainage maintenance rate, or under a charging order, or otherwise, by a county council from the lands in a drainage district or the proprietors of such, lands by reason of the business of the drainage board or trustees of that drainage district having been or being hereafter transferred to such county council.

(2) Every sum to which this section applies assessed on a proprietor shall where the proprietor is not also the occupier of the land be leviable on, payable by, and recoverable from the occupier of the land on behalf of the proprietor thereof, and the Commissioners shall make such apportionments as may be necessary to give effect to this sub-section, but the liability of an occupier under this section shall be without prejudice to any right to deduct any such sum paid by him from the rent payable by him.

(3) Any sum to which this section applies shall and may be collected and recovered by the county council in the like manner as poor rate is or may be collected and recovered.

(4) Section 54 of the Drainage and Improvement of Lands Act (Ireland), 1863, shall apply to all moneys collected or recovered from and paid by an occupier of land pursuant to this section.