Railways Act, 1924

Power to confirm agreements for the purchase, lease or working of railways.

60.—(1) Any agreement which may hereafter be entered into for the purchase, lease, or working by the amalgamated company of any part of the system of another railway company may, subject to the provisions of this section and after such notices and inquiries as the Minister shall consider necessary or expedient, be confirmed by the Minister.

(2) No such agreement as aforesaid shall, without the authority of the Oireachtas, be valid or effectual unless and until it is confirmed by the Minister under this section, but if and when so confirmed shall be of full force and validity and may be carried into effect by the parties thereto without any further authorisation by the Oireachtas.

(3) No agreement shall be confirmed by the Minister under this section which, in his opinion, is of such a character or magnitude that it ought not to be proceeded with without the authority of the Oireachtas obtained by way of Private Bill.