Juries (Amendment) Act, 1924

Expenses of execution of Act.

8.—(1) The expenses of the execution of this Act shall be paid, in the case of an administrative county, by the council of that county out of the poor-rate as a county-at-large charge, and in the case of a county borough, by the council of that county borough out of the rate or fund out of which the general expenses of the council are paid, or out of any other rate or fund which the Minister for Local Government may, on the application of the council, approve.

(2) No secretary οr clerk of the council of a county or county borough, clerk of an urban district council, or rate-collector or person acting as rate-collector appointed after the 15th day of November, 1923, shall receive any fees or other remuneration or any expenses in respect of duties performed by him in execution of the Juries (Ireland) Acts, 1871 to 1894, as amended by this Act.