Local Government (Collection of Rates) Act, 1924

Powers of rate-collector to continue after payment to local authority.

3.—(1) Where any rate collector has or shall have, before or after the passing of this Act, paid to a local authority pursuant to his bond any sum in respect of a rate collectable but not actually collected by him, such rate collector shall so long as he continues to be a rate collector have and shall be deemed always to have had after such payment the like rights, remedies, and powers for the collection and recovery of the sum so paid by him from the person rated in the rate-book for such rate as he had by law for the collection and recovery thereof from such person before such payment to the local authority.

(2) The rights, remedies, and powers conferred by this section on a rate collector, save and except the power of distraint, shall continue after he has ceased to be a rate collector to be exercisable by him in respect of a rate collectable, but not actually collected, by him while he was a rate collector.