The Courts of Justice Act, 1924

Declaration to be taken by judges and justices on appointment.

99.—The Declaration to be taken on appointment by every Judge of the Supreme Court, the High Court, and the Circuit Court and by every Justice of the District Court shall be as follows:—

I                 do solemnly and sincerely before God promise and declare that I will duly and faithfully and to the best of my skill and power execute the office of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (or President of the High Court, or Judge of the Supreme Court or of the High Court or of the Circuit Court or Justice of the District Court as the case may be) of Saorstát Eireann without fear or favour, affection, or ill-will towards any man, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Saorstát Eireann as by law established.

Such declaration shall be made and subscribed by the Chief Justice in the presence of the Governor-General and by each of the other judges and justices aforesaid in the presence of the Chief Justice in open court.

Any judge or justice who declines or neglects to take the declaration aforesaid in the manner aforesaid shall be disqualified from entering on and shall be deemed to have vacated his office of judge or justice (as the case may be).