The Courts of Justice Act, 1924

Part II.


Constitution of Circuit Court.

37.—A Circuit Court of Justice (An Chúirt Bhreithiúnais Chuarda) shall be constituted under this Act consisting of not more than eight judges, each of whom shall be styled in his appointment “Judge (Breitheamh) of the Circuit Court of Justice in Saorstát Eireann.” Such judges shall discharge within the several groups of counties specified in the Schedule to this Act (which groups are hereinafter termed Circuits) such duties as are by this Act imposed upon judges of the Circuit Court. The Minister for Home Affairs may, with the consent of the Chief Justice, and the judges for the time being of the respective Circuits affected, at any time and from time to time transfer any county or part of a county from one Circuit to another Circuit, or otherwise alter the areas comprised in the several Circuits as he shall think proper, but not so as to alter the total number of Circuits.