The Courts of Justice Act, 1924

Interpretation of terms.

3.—In the construction of this Act, unless there is anything in the subject or context repugnant, the several words and expressions hereinafter mentioned shall have or include the meanings following, that is to say:—

“Central Criminal Court” (“Príomh-Chúirt Choiriúil”) shall mean the judge of the High Court, to whom is assigned the duty of acting as such Court for the time being:

“Commissioners of the High Court Circuit” shall mean such judges or other persons as have been heretofore named in Commissions of Assize, to whom there may be assigned the exercise of any civil or criminal jurisdiction capable of being exercised by the High Court;

“Court of the High Court Circuit” shall mean the Court of any such Commissioner of the High Court Circuit;

“District Court,” “Circuit Court,” “High Court” and “Supreme Court” shall mean the Courts of Justice of Saorstát Eireann so named in this Act;

“In lunacy” shall mean in relation to the custody of the persons and estates of idiots, lunatics, and persons of unsound mind;

“In minor matters” shall mean in relation to the wardship of infants, and the care of infants' estates;

“Land” shall include all incorporeal as well as corporeal tenements and hereditaments.