The Courts of Justice Act, 1924

Remittal or transfer of actions.

25.—When any action shall be pending in the High Court which might have been commenced in the Circuit Court, any party to such action may, at any time before service of notice of trial therein, apply to the High Court that the action be remitted or transferred to the Circuit Court, and thereupon, in case the court shall consider that the action is fit to be prosecuted in the High Court, it may retain such action therein, or if it shall not consider the action fit to be prosecuted in the High Court it may remit or transfer such action to the Circuit Court or (where the action might have been commenced in the District Court) the District Court, to be prosecuted before the Judge assigned to such Circuit or (as the case may require) the Justice assigned to such District, as may appear to the High Court suitable and convenient, upon such terms, in either case and subject to such conditions, as to costs or otherwise as may appear to be just:

Provided that the High Court shall have jurisdiction to remit or transfer any action, whatever may be the amount of the claim formally made therein, if the court shall be of opinion that the action should not have been commenced in the High Court but in the Circuit Court or in the District Court if at all.