Public Safety (Powers of Arrest and Detention) Temporary Act, 1924


9.—In this Act,

the expression “responsible officer” means an officer of a police force established by or under the control of the Minister for Home Affairs not below the rank of superintendent or any member of a police force particularly authorised by him or an officer of the military forces of Saorstát Eireann not being below the rank of commandant who may be specifically empowered in any particular case by the Minister for Defence to delegate his powers under this Act to any member of the military forces of Saorstát Eireann not below the rank of sergeant save and except in such cases where a military force has been detailed by the order of a person so empowered to arrest any person or persons in which case every member of such force shall be deemed to possess the powers granted by this Act;

the expression “District Justice” includes a Divisional Magistrate of the City of Dublin;

the expression “Executive Minister” means a Minister who is a member of the Executive Council.