Local Government (Temporary Provisions) Act, 1923

Power to County Councils to grant exhibitions, &c.

17.—(1) The Council of any County or County Borough may assist by means of exhibitions, scholarships, bursaries, payment of fees or otherwise, any students or intending students at any approved school in Saorstát Eireann who are ordinarily resident in such County or Borough and who satisfy the Council that they are qualified to profit by instruction in such school and are in need of assistance, and who also satisfy such tests of ability as shall be prescribed in pursuance of this section.

(2) An approved school shall be such school, either extern or residential, for the giving of secondary education or the giving of instruction or training in agriculture, forestry, trade, commerce, domestic economy, teaching, or any other subject of a vocational character as may be approved of by order of the Minister for Education.

(3) The tests of ability to be satisfied by students under this section shall be prescribed in a scheme to be formulated for the purposes of this section by the Council of the County or County Borough in accordance with rules to be made by the Minister for Education, and no such scheme shall have any effect unless and until approved by the Minister for Education.

(4) Any expenses incurred by the Council of a County or County Borough under this section shall be paid, in the case of the Council of a County as a county at large charge, and in the case of the Council of a County Borough as expenses of the Council of the Borough in the execution of the Public Health (Ireland) Acts, 1878 to 1919, but the amount raised by such Council in any year for the purpose of this section shall not exceed the amount which would be produced by a rate of 1d. in the pound or such higher rate as the Council, with the consent of the Minister, may fix.

(5) Any moneys raised and expended by the Council of any County or Urban District for the purposes specified in this section prior to the passing of this Act shall be deemed to have been lawfully expended.