District Justices (Temporary Provisions) Act, 1923

Adaptation of enactments.

10.—(1) Every mention or reference contained in any British Statute or in any order, rule or regulation made under any British Statute of or to any of the officials, courts, districts or things mentioned in the First Column of the Second Schedule to this Act shall in respect of the doing or not doing of any act, matter or thing in Saorstát Eireann after the passing of this Act be construed and take effect as a reference to the official, court, district or thing named in the Second Column of the said Second Schedule opposite the name of the official, court, district or thing in the First Column.

(2) In this section the expression “British Statute” means Act of the Parliament of the late United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland which was on the 6th day of December, 1922, in force in the area now comprised in Saorstát Eireann.