Land Act, 1923

Death of a purchaser before vesting or registration.

63.—(1) A vesting order or fiat shall not be void by reason of the death, before the execution thereof, of the person in whom the lands comprised therein are purported to be vested, but shall be effectual to vest, and shall be deemed always to have vested, the said lands in the personal representative (when raised) of such person to such uses and upon such trusts as the lands would have stood limited had they been vested in such person immediately prior to his death.

(2) The first registration of land the registration of which is compulsory under the Act of 1891 shall be and shall be deemed always to have been a valid entry of the lands on the register under the said Act notwithstanding that the owner was dead at the date of such first registration and the person entitled to the lands on the death of such deceased owner shall be entered on the register as owner on application to the registering authority.