The Prevention of Electoral Abuses Act, 1923

Publication of summary of return of election expenses.

40.—(1) The returning officer at a Dáil election within ten days after he receives from the election agent of a candidate a return respecting election expenses shall publish in not less than two newspapers circulating in the constituency for which the election was held, a notice of the time and place at which the return and declarations (including the accompanying documents) can be inspected.

(2) The return and declarations (including the accompanying documents) sent to the returning officer by an election agent shall be kept at the office of the returning officer, or some convenient place appointed by him, and shall at all reasonable times during two years next after they are received by the returning officer be open to inspection by any person on payment of a fee of one shilling, and the returning officer shall on demand furnish copies thereof or any part thereof at the price of twopence for every seventy-two words. After the expiration of the said two years the returning officer may cause the said return and declarations (including the accompanying documents) to be destroyed, or, if the candidate or his election agent so require, shall return the same to the candidate.