The Prevention of Electoral Abuses Act, 1923


Prevention of Personation.

Dáil candidate may appoint personation agents.

22.—(1) Each candidate at a Dáil election in any constituency or the agent of such candidate may appoint one person (in this Act called a personation agent) to attend on behalf of such candidate at each polling station in each polling place in the constituency for the purpose of assisting in the detection of persons committing or attempting to commit the offence of personation.

(2) Each candidate or his agent shall, not less than twelve hours before the commencement of the poll, furnish to the returning officer in writing the names of all personation agents appointed under this section by him or on his behalf together with the name of the polling station to which each personation agent is allotted.

(3) Every personation agent duly appointed under this section and of whose appointment notice is duly given as aforesaid shall be entitled to attend in the polling station to which he is allotted during the whole time of the poll and during half an hour before and half an hour after that time.

(4) No personation agent shall while the poll remains open leave the polling station to which he is allotted without previously obtaining the permission of the presiding officer and depositing with the presiding officer all registers, books and documents in which he has made any note, writing or mark during the poll, which registers, books and documents shall be returned to him on his return to the polling station.

(5) Any personation agent who leaves a polling station in contravention of the foregoing sub-section shall not be permitted to return to such polling station until after the close of the poll, and shall in addition to any other penalty be guilty of an offence under this Act and be liable on summary conviction to a punishment not exceeding three months' imprisonment with or without hard labour.