Dáil Eireann Courts (Winding-Up) Act, 1923

Commissioners may make certain payments out of Dáil Courts Fund.

17.—(1) It shall be lawful for the Commissioners wherever it appears to them to be just so to do on the application in the prescribed manner of any person (in this section called “the applicant”) to order the payment to the applicant out of the Dáil Courts Fund of such sum of money as the Commissioners shall think proper in—

(a) repayment of any moneys paid by the applicant, or by any deceased person whose personal representative the applicant is, to any official or authority of any Dáil Court by way of deposit, security or otherwise under any general or special rule or order of such court; or

(b) in repayment of any moneys paid by the applicant or any such deceased person as aforesaid by direction of a Dáil Court for the use or benefit of such Dáil Court.

(2) Where the sum of money claimed by an applicant under this section does not exceed thirty pounds the application may be made to an Assistant Commissioner and such Assistant Commissioner shall have in relation to such application all the powers conferred on the Commissioners by this section.