Civil Service Regulation Act, 1923

Appointments to be made by competitive examinations.

4.—(1) Subject to such exceptions as are or may be made by or under this Act, every appointment to any situation to which this Act applies shall be made by means of competitive examinations conducted according to regulations to be made by the Commissioners with the consent of the Minister for Finance.

(2) Every such competitive examination (with the exceptions hereinafter in this section mentioned) shall be open to all persons desiring to attend the same who are born in Ireland of Irish parents or who are the children of such persons or who are citizens of Saorstát Eireann or the children of such citizens, and who pay the fees, and possess the qualifications as to age, health and character, prescribed by the regulations made under this section.

(3) The Commissioners may with the consent of the Minister for Finance by special regulation confine any such competitive examination to persons belonging to a specified class or being in a particular employment or possessing some other similar special qualification, and where an examination is so confined only persons possessing such special qualifications shall be admitted thereto.

Every special regulation made by the Commissioners under this section shall be laid before each House of the Oireachtas at least one month before the examination or any of the examinations to which such regulation relates is held and if both such Houses shall, within the next twenty-one days on which either House has sat after such regulation is laid before both Houses, pass resolutions annulling such regulation, such regulation shall be annulled, but such annulment shall not prejudice or invalidate any matter or thing previously done under such regulation.