Defence Forces (Temporary Provisions) Act, 1923

Calling out the Reserve on permanent service.

221.—(1) In case of imminent national danger or of great emergency it shall be lawful for the Executive Council by proclamation the occasion being first communicated to the Oireachtas if the Oireachtas be then sitting, or notified by proclamation if the Oireachtas be not then sitting, to order that the Reserve shall be called out on permanent service.

(2) It shall be lawful for the Executive Council by any such proclamation to order an Executive Minister from time to time to give and when given to revise or vary such directions as may seem necessary or proper for calling out the force mentioned in the proclamation or all or any of the men belonging thereto.

(3) Every such proclamation and the directions given in pursuance thereof shall be obeyed as if enacted in this Act, and every man for the time being called out by such directions shall attend at the place and time fixed by those directions and at and after that time shall be deemed to be called out on permanent service.

(4) A proclamation under this Section shall for the purpose of Section one hundred and fifty-five of this Act be deemed to be a proclamation requiring soldiers in the Reserve to re-enter upon army service.