Army Pensions Act, 1923

Allowances may be granted to dependants of deceased officers and soldiers.

7.—(1) The allowances and gratuities respectively specified in the second and third schedules to this Act may be granted to the widow, children, dependants and partial dependants of any officer or soldier—

(a) who has been or shall be killed on or after the 1st day of April, 1922, in the course of his duty while on active service, provided the death of the officer or soldier was not due to any serious negligence or misconduct by such office or soldier; or

(b) who has or shall have received a wound on or after the 1st day of April 1922 and has or shall have died within three years after having received such wound, provided the death of the officer or soldier was solely due to such wound.

(2) Every allowance granted under this section shall commence from the date of the death of the deceased officer or soldier in respect of whom the same is payable or from such later date as the Minister shall in any particular case appoint.

(3) No person to whom an allowance is granted under this section shall, during the continuance of that allowance, be granted any other allowance under this or any other section of this Act.