Army Pensions Act, 1923

Certain other persons may be granted wound pensions.

3.—(1) If the Minister certifies that any person who is suffering from any disablement due to a wound received before the 1st day of April, 1922, was at the time at which he received such wound a member of the Irish Volunteers or of the Irish Citizen Army and received such wound while performing his duty as such member, such person may be granted the like wound pension or gratuity and, if a married man, the like further pension as he would be entitled to under this Act if he had received such wound after the 1st day of April, 1922, and was an officer or a soldier discharged from the forces as medically unfit for further service.

(2) For the purpose of determining the rate of the wound pension and further pension (if any) or the amount of the gratuity to be granted to any person under this section such person shall be deemed to have held the rank in the forces which shall be certified by the Minister to correspond most closely to the rank held by such person in the Irish Volunteers or the Irish Citizen Army (as the case may be): Provided, however, that all such persons who received a wound in the rising of April and May, 1916, shall be deemed to rank as officers.