Electoral Act, 1923

Confirmation of Franchise Resolutions.

61.—(1) The Franchise Resolutions adopted by the Provisional Parliament on the 19th day of September, 1922, are hereby confirmed.

(2) All acts, matters and things done under or in pursuance of the said Franchise Resolutions shall be deemed to have been done under this Act, and accordingly this Act shall be retrospective so far as is necessary to give validity and statutory authority to the acts, matters and things aforesaid.

(3) The register now in course of preparation under the said Franchise Resolutions shall be the first register prepared under this Act, and the expression “the First Register prepared under this Act” shall where used in this Act be interpreted accordingly.

(4) The first Register prepared under this Act shall be completed in accordance with the said Franchise Resolutions, save that the following provisions of this Act shall apply to such first Register, that is to say, the provisions relating to:—

(a) The registration of and voting by members of the Defence Force of Saorstát Eireann.

(b) The non-registration of and non-voting by members of any Police Force.

(c) Voting by post.

(5) The provisions of this Act and the Schedule hereto regarding the registration of Seanad electors shall not apply to the first register prepared under this Act.