Electoral Act, 1923


Adaptation of Enactments.

1. In sections thirty-nine, sixty-eight and sixty-nine of the Corrupt and Illegal Practices Prevention Act, 1883, “registration officer” shall mean the registration officer under this Act.

2. In sections twelve and fourteen of the Juries Act (Ireland), 1871, a reference to the county court shall be substituted for a reference to the court at which the register of parliamentary voters is revised.

3. In section sixteen of the Parliamentary Registration (Ireland) Act, 1885, the registration officer shall be substituted for the clerk of the union; “fifteenth of November” shall be substituted for “first of July” and the word “male” shall be omitted.

4. The Minister for Local Government may, by Order, make such further adaptations in the provisions of any Act (including any local Act and any Act to confirm a Provisional Order), as may seem to him necessary to make those provisions conform with the provisions of this Act; and any Order so made shall operate as if enacted in this Act.