Finance Act, 1920

Increase of rate of excess mineral rights duty.

49.(1) Section forty-three of the principal Act (which relates to excess mineral rights duty) shall have effect as if sixty per cent. of the excess were substituted as the rate of duty for forty per cent. for any accounting year commencing on or after the first day of January nineteen hundred and twenty, or, in the case of an accounting year which commenced before that date but ends after that date, as if sixty per cent. were substituted for forty per cent. as respects so much of the excess as may be apportioned under this Act to the part commencing on that date, and any additional duty may be recovered accordingly.

(2) The proviso to section twenty-one of the Finance Act, 1917, shall apply to any accounting year in respect of which or any part of which excess mineral rights duty is payable under this Part. of this Act at the rate of sixty per cent., as it applies where the said duty is payable at the rate of eighty per cent.