Finance Act, 1920

Allowance in respect of charitable contributions.

48. Where, out of the profits of a trade or business, any contribution has been made after the sixteenth day of July, nineteen hundred and twenty, to any trust, society, or body of persons in the United Kingdom established solely for the purpose of the relief of the poor or the sick, or for the advancement of religion, education, or for scientific research, there shall, for the purposes of excess profits duty, be allowed, in the computation of the profits of the trade or business arising in the accounting period within which such contribution was made, a deduction in respect of such contribution of an amount not exceeding five per cent. of those profits as calculated for the purposes of excess profits duty (before adjustment for increased or decreased capital and before making any deduction under this section), and not exceeding twenty per cent. of the amount of such contribution.

This section shall not apply to any contribution which apart from the provisions of this section, would be admissible as a deduction from profits for the purposes of excess profits duty.