Finance Act, 1920

Stamp duty on marketable securities transfrable by delivery, &c.

62 & 63 Vict. c. 9. 40 & 41 Vict. c. 59.

38. The stamp duties chargeable on any marketable securities transferable by delivery under paragraphs (1) (a) and (c), 3, and 4 of the heading “Marketable Security” in the First Schedule to the principal Act, and the stamp duty chargeable on marketable securities transferable by delivery, share warrants, stock certificates, and other instruments to bearer under subsection (1) of section four and section five of the Finance Act, 1899, on stock certificates to bearer under section eight of the Colonial Stock Act, 1877, and on certain marketable securities under section thirteen of the Finance Act, 1911, shall respectively be double the duties which would have been chargeable on those instruments immediately before the passing of this Act.