Irish Land (Provision For Sailors and Soldiers) Act, 1919

Restraing on alienation of holdings or stock provided under Act.

2.(1) When a holding has been vested in any such man as aforesaid under the special powers conferred by section one of this Act—

(a) the holding shall not be transferred, subdivided, or let by him without the consent of the Land Commission, and every attempted transfer, subdivision, or letting in contravention of this provision shall be void, and on any such contravention the holding shall, at the option of the Land Commission, revest in the Land Commission:

(b) the holding shall not, nor shall any stock or other chattels provided for him by means of a grant or loan under the Irish Land Act, 1903, be made available in any bankruptcy or by any other process or proceeding of law to pay, satisfy, or discharge in whole or in part any debt contracted or incurred by him prior to the date on which the holding became vested in him other than a debt due to the Land Commission.

(2) A certificate purporting to be under the common seal of the Land Commission shall be conclusive evidence that the holding therein described was vested in the man therein named under the special powers conferred by section one of this Act.