Constabulary and Police (Ireland) Act, 1919

Prohibition against constables being members of trade unions.

A.D. 1919.

2.(1) Subject as aforesaid, it shall not be lawful for a member of either police force to become, or after the expiration of one month from the passing of this Act to be, a member of any trade union, or of any association of which the objects or one of the objects are or is to control or influence the pay, pensions, or conditions or service of any police force; and any member of either force who contravenes this provision shall be disqualified for continuing to be a member of the force; and if any member of either force continues to act as such after becoming so disqualified he shall forfeit all pension rights and be disqualified for being thereafter employed in any police force:

Provided that, where a man was a member of a trade union before becoming a member of the force, he may, with the consent of the chief officer, continue to be a member of that union during the time of his service in the force.

(2) If any question arises whether any body or association is a trade union or association to which this section applies, the question shall be determined by the Lord Lieutenant.