Superannuation (Prison Officers) Act, 1919

Amendment of Super-annuation Acts in their application to prison officers.

22 Vict. c. 26.

9 Edw, 7. c. 10.

1.(1) The Superannuation Acts, 1834 to 1914, shall, in their application to officers employed in prisons and criminal lunatic asylums of such classes as the Secretary of State, or in Scotland the Secretary for Scotland, or in Ireland the Lord Lieutenant, with the approval in each case of the Treasury, may from time to time prescribe, have effect subject to the following modifications:—

(a) Fifty-five years shall be substituted for sixty years as the age on retirement at which without a medical certificate a superannuation allowance may be granted, and accordingly sections ten and eleven of the Super-annuation Act, 1859, shall, in their application to such officers as aforesaid, have effect as if for “sixty years” there were substituted “fifty-five years”:

(b) In calculating the amount of the superannuation allowance or additional allowance of any such officer, the proportion of the annual salary and emoluments to be added in respect of the twenty-first and every subsequent year of service—

(i) in the case of a person to whom section one of the Superannuation Act, 1909, applies, shall, as respects superannuation allowance, be two-eightieths instead of one-eightieth, and as respects additional allowance be two-thirtieths instead of one-thirtieth; and

(ii) as respects the superannuation allowance of a person to whom that section does not apply, shall be two-sixtieths instead of one-sixtieth:

Provided that nothing in this section shall affect the maximum amount of the superannuation allowance or additional allowance which may be granted to any such person.

(2) This section shall have effect with respect to the superannuation and additional allowance of officers who have retired at any time since the seventeenth day of September nineteen hundred and eighteen.