Prevention of Corruption Act, 1916

Increase of maximum penalty in certain cases. 6 Edw. 7. c. 34.

52 & 53 Vict. c. 69.

1. A person convicted on indictment of a misdemeanour under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1906, or the Public Bodies Corrupt Practices Act, 1889, shall, where the matter or transaction in relation to which the offence was committed was a contract or a proposal for a contract with His Majesty or any Government Department or any public body or a sub-contract to execute any work comprised in such a contract, be liable to penal servitude for a term not exceeding seven nor less than three years:

Provided that nothing in this section shall prevent the infliction in addition to penal servitude of such punishment as under the above-mentioned Acts may be inflicted in addition to imprisonment, or prevent the infliction in lieu of penal servitude of any punishment which may be inflicted under the said Acts.