Criminal Justice Administration Act, 1914

Commitment and removal of prisoners.

17. There shall be substituted for sections twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, and twenty-seven of the Prison Act, 1877, the following provisions:—

(1) The Secretary of State may from time to time by any general or special rule under the Prison Acts, 1865 to 1902, appropriate, either wholly or partially, particular prisons within his jurisdiction to particular classes of prisoners:

(2) A prisoner sentenced to imprisonment or committed to prison on remand, or pending trial, or otherwise, may be lawfully confined in any prison to which the Prison Acts, 1865 to 1902, apply:

(3) Prisoners shall be committed to such prisons as the Secretary of State may from time to time direct; and may on the like direction be removed therefrom during the term of their imprisonment to any other prison:

(4) Where a prisoner is discharged from a prison situate beyond the limits of the county, borough, or place in which he was arrested, the cost of his return to the place in which he was at the time of his arrest or to the place where he was convicted, whichever is the nearest, shall be paid out of moneys provided by Parliament on account of prisons:

(5) A prisoner shall not in any case be liable to pay the costs of his conveyance to prison:

(6) The Secretary of State, on being satisfied that a prisoner is suffering from disease and cannot be properly treated in the prison, or that he should undergo and desires to undergo a surgical operation which cannot properly be performed in the prison, may order that the prisoner be taken to a hospital or other suitable place for the purpose of treatment or the operation, and while absent from the prison in pursuance of such an order the prisoner shall be deemed to be in legal custody.