Pilotage Act, 1913

Power of Board of Trade on representation to revoke or vary bye-laws or require pilotage authority to make byelaws.

18.(1) If at any port either—

(a) a majority of the licensed pilots belonging to the port; or

(b) any number of persons, not less than six, being masters, owners, or insurers of vessels using the port; or

(c) a dock or harbour authority not being the pilotage authority;

object to any byelaw in force at the port, or desire that any byelaw should be in force at the port which is not in force therein, they may make a representation to the Board of Trade to that effect, and the Board of Trade if the representation appears to them reasonable after giving the pilotage authority, and, if they think fit, any other persons, an opportunity of making representations on the subject, may, by order, revoke, vary, or add to any byelaw to which objection is made, or require the pilotage authority to submit to them for confirmation a byelaw for the purpose of giving effect to the representation.

(2) Any byelaw revoked by any such order shall cease to have effect, and any byelaw to which additions are made or which is varied or added to, shall have effect with the variations or additions made by the order.

(3) If a pilotage authority fail to submit to the Board of Trade for confirmation a byelaw in accordance with an order made under this section, the Board of Trade may treat the byelaw which they have required the pilotage authority to submit to them as a byelaw submitted to them by the authority, and confirm it accordingly, and the byelaw so confirmed shall have effect as if it had been made and confirmed in accordance with this Act.