Intermediate Education (Ireland) Act, 1913

Power to grant superannuation allowance.

63 & 64 Vict. c. 43.

55 & 56 Vict. c. 40.

2. The Board shall, in addition to the powers given to them by section three of the Intermediate Education (Ireland) Act, 1900, have power, with the approval of the Treasury, to make a scheme providing for the grant of superannuation and other allowances or gratuities to or for the benefit of such of the assistant commissioners, and of the inspectors, clerks and other officers employed by the Board, as may be from time to time approved by the Treasury, and may, out of the funds at their disposal, pay to such persons on retirement, or to their legal personal representatives on death, such superannuation and other allowances or gratuities under the scheme as the Treasury may sanction in each case, and the Treasury may determine those funds to be public funds for the purposes of the Superannuation Act, 1892.