Finance Act, 1911

Part VI.


Provision for enabling the Post Office to exercise powers in relation to stamps, &c.

20. His Majesty may, by Order in Council, provide that any powers and duties of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue, whether statutory or otherwise, with reference to any stamps used to denote duties of postage, or any stamps used to denote other duties, being either adhesive stamps or stamps which are usually sold or distributed at a post office, or with reference to any postal orders, licences, or forms usually so sold or distributed shall be exercised and performed by the Postmaster-General, either to the exclusion of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue or concurrently with those Commissioners, and any such order shall have effect as if enacted in this Act.

Such provisions may be made by the order as appear necessary or expedient to give full effect to the exercise and performance of the powers and duties to which the order relates in manner provided by the order.