Railway Companies (Accounts and Returns) Act, 1911

Yearly accounts and returns in form in First Schedule to be furnished to Board of Trade.

1.(1) Every railway company shall annually prepare accounts and returns in accordance with the form set out in the First Schedule to this Act, and shall submit their accounts to their auditors in that form.

(2) The accounts and returns shall be signed by the officer of the company responsible for the correctness of the accounts or returns, or any part thereof, and, in the case of an incorporated railway company, by the chairman or deputy chairman of the directors of the company, and shall be made up for the year ending the thirty-first day of December, or such other day as the Board of Trade may fix in the case of any company or class of companies to meet the special circumstances of that company or class of companies.

(3) Every railway company shall forward six copies of the accounts and returns to the Board of Trade not later than sixty days after the expiration of the year for which the accounts and returns are made up, and, in the case of an incorporated railway company, shall forward a copy of the accounts and returns to any shareholder or debenture holder of the Company who applies for a copy.

(4) If any railway company fails to prepare or forward, in accordance with this section, such accounts and returns as are thereby required, the company shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding five pounds for every day during which the default continues.

(5) If any account or return prepared and forwarded under this section is false in any particular to the knowledge of any person who signs the account or return or any part thereof, that person shall be liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment with or without hard labour for a term not exceeding one year, or to a fine not exceeding one hundred pounds, and on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding fifty pounds.