Assurance Companies Act, 1909


2.(1) Every assurance company shall deposit and keep deposited with the Paymaster-General for and on behalf of the Supreme Court the sum of twenty thousand pounds.

(2) The sum so deposited shall be invested by the Paymaster-General in such of the securities usually accepted by the Court for the investment of funds placed under its administration as the company may select, and the interest accruing due on any such securities shall be paid to the company.

(3) The deposit may be made by the subscribers of the memorandum of association of the company, or any of them, in the name of the proposed company, and, upon the incorporation of the company, shall be deemed to have been made by, and to be part of the assets of, the company, and the registrar shall not issue a certificate of incorporation of the company until the deposit has been made.

(4) Where a company carries on, or intends to carry on, assurance business of more than one class, a separate sum of twenty thousand pounds shall be deposited and kept deposited under this section as respects each class of business, and the deposit made in respect of any class of business in respect of which a separate assurance fund is required to be kept shall be deemed to form part of that fund, and all interest accruing due on any such deposit or the securities in which it is for the time being invested shall be carried by the company to that fund.

(5) The Paymaster-General shall not accept a deposit except on a warrant of the Board of Trade.

(6) The Board of Trade may make rules with respect to applications for warrants, the payment of deposits, and the investment thereof or dealing therewith, the deposit of stocks or other securities in lieu of money, the payment of the interest or dividends from time to time accruing due on any securities in which deposits are for the time being invested, and the withdrawal and transfer of deposits, and the rules so made shall have effect as if they were enacted in this Act, and shall be laid before Parliament as soon as may be after they are made.

(7) This section shall apply to an assurance company registered or having its head office in Ireland, subject to the following modifications:—

References to the Supreme Court shall be construed as references to the Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland, and references to the Paymaster-General shall be construed as references to the Accountant-General of the last-mentioned Court.