Superannuation Act, 1909


7.(1) The Treasury may from time to time make rules for the purpose of carrying this Act into effect and for making such adaptations and modifications of the provisions of the Superannuation Acts, 1834 to 1892, and other enactments relating to superannuation allowances and pensions of persons who have served partly in the civil service and partly in some other service entitling them to a pension as may be necessary for adapting those provisions to the provisions of this Act, and for altering the rules made by the Treasury under the Superannuation Act, 1892.

(2) Before any rules made under this section come into force, a draft thereof shall be laid before each House of Parliament for a period of not less than thirty days during the session of Parliament, and, if either of those Houses of Parliament before the expiration of those thirty days presents an address to His Majesty against the draft or any part thereof, no further proceedings shall be taken thereon, without prejudice to the making of any new draft rules.