Companies (Consolidation) Act, 1908

Stamp duties in case of shares registered in colonial registers.

36. In relation to stamp duties the following provisions shall have effect :—

(a) An instrument of transfer of a share registered in a colonial register shall be deemed to be a transfer of property situate out of the United Kingdom, and, unless executed in any part of the United Kingdom, shall be exempt from British stamp duty :

(b) On the death of a member registered in a colonial register, the shares of the deceased member shall, if he died domiciled in the United Kingdom, but not otherwise, be deemed, so far as relates to British duties, to be part of his estate and effects situate in the United Kingdom for or in respect of which probate or letters of administration is or are to be granted, or whereof an inventory is to be exhibited and recorded, in like manner as if he were registered in the principal register.