Companies (Consolidation) Act, 1908

Special commission for receiving evidence.

226.(1) The judges of the county courts in England who sit at places more than twenty miles from the General Post Office, and the judge exercising the bankruptcy jurisdiction of the High Court in Ireland and the assistant barristers and recorders in Ireland, and the sheriffs of counties in Scotland, shall be commissioners for the purpose of taking evidence under this Act, where a company is wound up in any part of the United Kingdom, and the court may refer the whole or any part of the examination of any witnesses under this Act to any person hereby appointed commissioner, although he is out of the jurisdiction of the court that made the winding-up order.

(2) Every commissioner shall, in addition to any powers which he might lawfully exercise as a judge of a county court, judge of the High Court, assistant barrister or recorder, or sheriff, have in the matter so referred to him all the same powers of summoning and examining witnesses, of requiring the production or delivery of documents, of punishing defaults by witnesses, and of allowing costs and expenses to witnesses, as the court which made the winding-up order.

(3) The examination so taken shall be returned or reported to the court which made the order in such manner as that court directs.