Companies (Consolidation) Act, 1908

Audit of liquidator's accounts in English winding up.

155.(1) Every liquidator of a company which is being wound up by the court in England shall, at such times as may be prescribed but not less than twice in each year during his tenure of office, send to the Board of Trade, or as they direct, an account of his receipts and payments as liquidator.

(2) The account shall be in a prescribed form, shall be made in duplicate, and shall be verified by a statutory declaration in the prescribed form.

(3) The Board shall cause the account to be audited and for the purpose of the audit the liquidator shall furnish the Board with such vouchers and information as the Board may require, and the Board may at any time require the production of and inspect any books or accounts kept by the liquidator.

(4) When the account has been audited, one copy thereof shall be filed and kept by the Board, and the other copy shall be filed with the court, and each copy shall be open to the inspection of any creditor, or of any person interested.

(5) The Board shall cause the account when audited or a summary thereof to be printed, and shall send a printed copy of the account or summary by post to every creditor and contributory.